Chaosium Basic Roleplaying Reaper Miniatures
It is a well-known fact that the Nazi Party of Germany has a fascination for the occult and mythological artifacts that are believed to hold boundless power. To those that have the means and the will to pursue and find these items, ultimate power is within their reach. How will the war end if Himmler actually acquires the Spear of Longinus? Even if there are no magical properties associated to it, can you imagine the power over the morale of those who hold these items dear? Even thinking that if a mythological item like Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor, is real, what power could it bestow upon the owner? Is Germany working with strange technology from other worlds? What of the rumored super soldier programs? Do the Allies have similar goals and secrets? It is these items that we base the premise of this game.

The general public of every country, as well as the rank and file troops in every standing army cannot grasp the concept that these items are, in fact, real. Shrouded from their vision by several organizations ranging from governments to churches and private organizations, it has been determined that these facts must be kept from society or chaos would erupt. A sheep who is happy in the pasture will not run when the gate is opened.

The truth of the matter is many of the religious and mythological stories are not fiction in one fashion or another. Relics and artifacts do exist and can give power to those who know how to access it. Aliens are a part of this world and are on the side of the Axis powers. Up until the fall of Berlin when they will make an ill-fated escape attempt from the advancing Allies resulting in damage to one of their ships and a forced landing in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Gathered from the brightest the Allies have, special units labelled
Operation Okkulten that are being put together to prevent the Axis
acquisition of relics, artifacts, and supplies for the super soldier program.
In this game it is possible to be an OSS operative from the United States,
SAS elite from Britain, Spetsnaz from Russia, or a specialist from the French Resistance and many more diverse characters all funded by the OSS.

These multi-national squads are all that stand between the safety and
freedom of the world and complete domination by the Axis. So gather
your Nerve, Faith and Spirit and move forward for God and Country!!

Okkulten will utilize the Chaosium BRP (Basic Roleplaying) system and
Reaper Miniatures. Tactical operations will be undertaken by players using the familiar 5' grid many have become accustomed to.
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